This table compares the requirements for graduation for electrical engineering and computer science majors at a respected northwestern college.

Math Ordinary Differential Equations Analytic Geometry and Calculus I-IV

Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics

Numerical Analysis
Discrete Mathematics
Science General Physics and Lab III

Modern Physics and Lab

General Chemistry and Lab

Engineering Mechanics I-III

Fluid Mechanics

Thermodynamics (Dimensional Analysis)
General Physics and Lab I-II  
Programming Languages FORTRAN Assembly Language I Programming Languages


Electronics Engineering Electronics I-III

Circuit Analysis

Linear Network Analysis

Signals and Systems

Feedback and Control Systems

Electromagnetic Fields
Digital Logic Circuits Fundamentals of Electronics

Simulation and Modeling
Computer Science     Basic Keyboarding

Program and Data Structures

Advanced Data Structures

Scientific Computer Applications

Computers in the Laboratory

Computer Architecture

Memory and I/O Systems

Operating System Design

Advanced Computer Projects

Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Engineering Intro to Engineering

Engineering Economy

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion and Power Systems