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Web Site of the Month - October 1996
by Helen Belisle

Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter (Cr+)

The author of the Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter is unabashedly Christian and the original premise for this document is religious. The title may imply a tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to the subject but aside from an occasional touch of levity, perhaps, in the introduction, the overall tone is definitely serious and, in spite of the author's opening confession to being a firm believer in the Genesis account of Creation, the contents and the discussion are completely serious and scientific. His arguments are based on research and scientific facts, as we understand them, and he approaches each topic from a logical and non-partisan direction. The format is to ask a question, for instance: "Is not evolution a science and therefore based upon fact, whereas creation is religious and based on blind faith?", and to follow it with a few paragraphs of explanation and evidence. This particular question is answered, in part, by the statement, "Neither evolution nor creation can be either proved or disproved by science, so believers in evolution or creation must accept either view by faith." This is an example of the fairness and rational thinking used to briefly and clearly entertain a number of questions commonly asked by or of both evolutionists and creationists. As anyone knows who has even recently entered into discussion or debate on this topic, the temperature on both sides can soar rapidly and a discussion can become a conflict but this author has done a fine job of presenting his arguments clearly and rationally without any belittling or ridicule of opposing thought. I recommend this site for its organization and clarity. There are 14 chapters in easy to find and follow format and, particularly as an introduction to those new to the subject, this is a great place to start learning.

Web Site of the Month - November 1996
by Helen Belisle

Creation, Evolution or Intervention?

The actual site I visited, that has to do with creation vs. evolution, is about two layers deep in the Digital Explorer site. To reach it, enter Digital Explorer, pick the LINKS icon, follow the menu choices to the "Creation, Evolution, or Intervention?" section and read the five sub-sections located there. They are all very interesting reading

I have encountered much of the material covered here at other times, in books or in television specials, and it is a highly readable collection of tantalizing information. It whets the appetite of those truly interested in exploring alternate possibilities and explanations for why and where and how artifacts or ruins or civilizations, etc., are as they are.

There is some rather creative information in this site so don't confuse the totally fictitious and far-fetched with the possible. Since there is no way to guarantee that history was as we have traditionally described it, our willingness to entertain alternate explanations allows us to more intelligently accept or reject new theories. Because so much is approached here, this site tends to present theories rather than to explain them; but it is done with an open mind and not with preconceived beliefs and opens up some extremely tantalizing avenues of thought. It is an excellent place to start in any number of directions for exploration or study.

Just from my own perspective: The section of the Aztec songs suggesting extraterrestrial origins might just as easily be explained by the Christian understanding of Creation and the belief that "This world is not my home-my home is in heaven."

Otherwise, the religious content is represented primarily through passing comment or reference and the scientific aspect is less main-stream science and more an approach toward an adventure and exploration. The main criterion is an open mind. Have a wonderful adventure!

Web Site of the Month - December 1996
by Helen Belisle

Creation & Evolution

This site has two sections, each entitled "Quotations on Creation and Evolution". In the second of these sections you will find a delightful collection of quotes on various subjects by, among others, evolutionists who don't exactly present evolution as a flawless "done deed". It is this type of honesty and insight that reveals the true fabric of the theory of evolution through their fragile skin of tenacious belief and ardent promotion. A glimpse I rather enjoy, actually, as it provides a humorous aspect to the often-times tedious or tense debate.

One of the sites within the first section of "Quotations on Creation and Evolution" that I highly recommend is "The Creation Evidences Page" (http://www.redbay.com/org/creation/). This is the starting point for a truly educational and comprehensive journey through a number of articles on topics that include "Creation Vs Evolution", "Is the Bible Credible?", "Radiometric Dating", and miscellaneous listings of Internet creation sites and creation research.

To really do this page justice, you'll need a lot of time because it is like exploring a cave, with each cavern branching out into more passages and sites to investigate.

Although it is virtually impossible to totally eliminate religion from discussions about creation, which by definition is God-centered, the authors of these articles treat that aspect of their subjects matter-of-factly and don't sentimentalize or belabor the connection. I found their papers to be intelligent and rational as well as valuable for students who honestly and seriously want to increase their knowledge.

Take the time to browse through these articles and see the evidence speak for itself. Definitely a one-stop feast.

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