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Web Site of the Month - January 1997
by Helen Belisle

The Origins Solution (Cr)

This is a most frustrating site in that it offers a wonderful sampling of a very well written book, but leaves you with the conviction that you MUST read the rest of it. A highly effective strategy, come to think of it! In fact, I do believe I will allow myself to fall victim to this ploy by obtaining a copy.

The author has a very pleasing and highly readable way of presenting his thoughts and it would be well worth the time and money to enjoy the entire well-thought-out and presented book after this very effective introduction.

I, personally, have never had a doubt regarding Creation as recorded in Genesis: by God, in seven literal days, in the order of events as presented, etc., and yet, I can read books like this one with all the anticipation and enjoyment I experience when beginning a new mystery story by a favorite author. I don't need to be convinced but I love to learn more and more of the details to add to my knowledge of the Event by the Creator. Whether you fall into that same category or just wish to be introduced to some of the evidence favoring Divine Creation, this book would be a concise and informative place to browse.

Not having the book, yet, I can't say if I agree 100% with everything the author writes, but I can see from the few chapters available in this site that he appears to be open minded and imaginative, and willing to explore beyond conventional scientific or theological limitations while keeping the Creator first and foremost in his presentation of "the Origin Solution". Theology and scripture are treated with equal respect and credence as science.

Web Site of the Month - February 1997
by Helen Belisle

Dragons in Paradise (Cr+)

Have you ever wondered how or where dinosaurs fit into the creation picture?

One absolute fact that cannot be argued with is that dinosaurs existed. By whatever definition, the fact remains that there are some really really huge bones out there and they have some "splainin" to do. What kills me is the way some can extrapolate entire pedigrees and nesting habits and hunting methods, etc., from one little fragment of such a bone. Bones just lie there! They don't tell you anything except that they are there. All the rest is speculation. But being curious types, we want to know as much as we possibly can and many intriguing theories can be, and have been, offered.

I tripped over this site quite by accident. Literally. I went in search of dragons and gargoyles and in the dragon sites, I found this one, wandered in and found this article. It is very interesting but I found I had to take it with several grains of salt. The author has strewn the text with many Biblical references, all of which say what he says they say, so the emphasis can be said to be strongly religious. However, he seems to flounder toward the end when he starts taking some of the references literally rather than symbolically. But what I find very interesting is the strong indication that "dragons" (dinosaurs?) were mentioned in the Bible and whether you want to acknowledge the Origin of scripture as inspired by God or not, there is still enough historical accuracy contained in it to lend these theories significant weight.

Find it. Read it. Question it, even. But don't totally discount it. Well worth investigating and maybe even doing further research on! Tally ho!, St. George! Happy hunting!

Web Site of the Month - March 1997
by Helen Belisle

Creation Evidences (Cr)

The first page of this site is an overview and brief summary of several topics related to the origin of life. It discusses the two models of origin: evolution and creation, and it offers information on the credibility of the Bible, the reliability of radiometric dating, etc. This first page alone contains a lot of teasers that lead you to in-depth studies in the selected subjects. The reader is directed to many other sites that cover this wide range of information. I like this site a lot because it provides a broad base of understanding in one location and whether you want to use this as a starting point to other more specific and detailed sites, or as an end in itself, there is enough information provided here to give even a casual reader quite a buffet of food for thought.

As far as religious/scriptural content is concerned, this site is definitely on the side of the scriptural explanation of the origin of life on Earth. The approach is very common-sense and logical and should not offend even the mildly curious with evolutionary sympathies but an open mind. I would recommend that you browse this site with a lot of time available because it is like a labyrinth and should be explored carefully and thoroughly.

Grab a snack, get comfortable, and explore! The possibilities are convoluted and endless! The potential side-effects? Enlightenment and knowledge. Have a great trip!

Web Site of the Month - April 1997
by Helen Belisle

Christianity and Science (Cr+)

What a feast I found here! I asked Alta Vista to find "Creation vs. Evolution" for me and it gave me 15+ pages of sites to choose from. Along about the fourth or fifth page, I found this site, entitled "Creation Science" *, what some would consider an oxymoron!, so I wandered in and landed in the middle of the most glorious collection of pointers to sites and sites and sites of information on so many aspects of the Creation versus Evolution question! A person could spend days and weeks and months in here and have a virtually endless source of pointers and links to every conceivable topic or question imaginable.

I briefly contemplated hiding this site and snagging the various sites out of it to share with you but I had such fun landing in it that I couldn't seriously deny you the fun of the same smorgasbord. This is one site you could book-mark and browse in for many hours of learning and exploring.

There are articles, there are on-line books, there are photographs, there are tours advertised. This is definitely a bonanza for the ardent creationists, the creationists at heart, and even for the unwary! I am sure that the various sites within this site have different degrees of religious versus scientific emphasis but this particular starting point would definitely rate a heavy-on-the-religious-aspect rating.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some serious exploring to do...

* Editor's note: The name of this site was changed to "Christianity and Science" after this article was written.

Web Site of the Month - May 1997
by Helen Belisle

The Evolutionary Tales:
Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution

This site is for those who appreciate the classics. Written in the style of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", it presents the evolution/creation discussion in the form of a poem from various points of view, much like the "Canterbury Tales". "The Evolutionary Tales" are all on the same topic but from the points of view, for instance, of a physicist, an astronomer, etc. It is very well done and the author went to a lot of trouble to write quite an extensive poem. I got the sense that the poem is very pro-evolution. The references I could find to creation were humorous but as though the creationists are a little naive and definitely out of touch. One place he even said that God, if there was One, would have to admit to evolution because it is the only thing that makes sense. But knowing his bias (as opposed to mine!) it is entertaining reading and could even offer insights into the complete conviction an evolutionist has on this topic. Read it for its art and its humor if nothing else. The man is a poet.

Web Site of the Month - June 1997
by Helen Belisle

Creation vs. Evolution (Cr)

Least you think I've been lazy in picking this month's site, let me hasten to assure you that sites like this are like a candy store to me. They offer such a wonderful collection of resources that it's hard not to drool at the possibilities! I have browsed through many sites in my search for this month's choice, some of which I may share with you later. This one, as we perch on the brink of summer with so much time on our hands (nudge nudge wink wink!) will offer you a feast of sites to explore. If tapped, these could supply you with hours of study and information to wade through on your way to knowledge. Or wisdom. Or next week end. It is a veritable labyrinth of possibilities!

To help you get started, you might check out the site entitled "Death of Darwinism, A Catholic's Viewpoint". It is very appropriately located in the section headed "In The Middle". What a place to be in the debate over Creation vs Evolution! And yet, in the very introductory sentence, they say: "This essay makes a critical examination of Darwin's theory and explains how in the debate on origins the Church takes a reasonable middle ground between the poles of scientific and Protestant fundamentalism." How on earth do you take a "reasonable middle ground"? Talk about being politically correct (but ideologically vague!) Could definitely make for some reading right out on the cutting edge of fence-sitting! Maybe...

Web Site of the Month - July 1997
by Helen Belisle

The Main Points about Creation/Evolution (Cr+)

As the title of this site indicates, this is a review of some of the main points of conflict between the theory of evolution and the record of Creation. I am writing this at six in the morning which may mean I am still somewhat sleepy but as I skimmed through the information in here, I got a feeling of sadness and poignancy at the arrogance and stubbornness of mankind. To choose to believe totally illogical random chance rather than give credit to the Creator is difficult, nay impossible, for me to understand.

But I digress. This site has some very interesting links to other interesting places and within them are even more. As always, only a beginning portal to so many other far away places!

Within the section entitled "The Social and Religious Consequences of Widespread Belief in Evolution" is a little sub-section called "Darwin vs Compassion". (Maybe this is where my feeling of sadness came from? It is quite a telling commentary on how humanity can become so callous and amoral.) I recommend this site as a "back to basics" overview of the areas of contention and as a clear outline of the deep and far-reaching effects of doubt and disbelief.

It is definitely early so the tone of my review has taken on the flavor of a mini-speech. I do believe, however, that there is more at stake within this debate over origins than a mere clarification of who is right. That can't be proven right now, but it is vital nonetheless and as you take yet another cyber-tour, be awake and aware so that the experience will be enlightening and convicting as well as enjoyable. Bon voyage!

Web Site of the Month - August1997
by Helen Belisle

Origins of Humankind (Ev)

In keeping with current events (current being a very flexible term), I set out to find what I could about the Neanderthal DNA being discussed recently. I didn't find very many sites about it but there was this one and although I didn't have time to explore it as thoroughly as I would have liked, it did have several links to other places. Some with very intriguing titles like: "Selective Brain Cooling...", and "DNA knocks Neanderthals out of Human Family Tree". This site may be politically correct in being pro-evolution, but I would venture to guess that it also indicates a bit of trouble in this particular primeval paradise.

Creationists can trace their downfall back to a certain tree and a certain fruit (and a certain woman). Now it seems that evolutionists have their own tree to wreak havoc in their well ordered universe. Nothing like having to kick a member of the family out of the ancestral tree!

Oh well, back to the drawing board. "...Maybe we can add three zeros here, a jaw-bone there, rearrange certain bone fragments... Not to fear. We are not ready to allow God into the equation. We'll figure something out!..."

There are several topics of interest also found in this site so, with your customary good sense and screening, read and be informed. And entertained.

Web Site of the Month - September 1997
by Helen Belisle

Darwin & Wallace, Evolution & Creation

The evolution of my computer has not been a smooth one. Occasionally it develops a glitch that seriously impedes its noble progress along the path to autonomy and sapience. Such a snag occurred this week, and so my ability to surf far and wide in search of cyber-delights for you has been limited accordingly. I am therefore forced to offer you a feast of intellectual proportions not often encountered. Not a bad choice, actually, even if arrived upon by dint of lack of competition! This site is not blessed with lots and lots of pretty, animated pictures or creative fonts, etc. It is just words on a page. …Hmmm. Sounds almost like an old-fashioned book!

But there are links that may take you to pretty pictures if you want them. Otherwise, I do hope you will take time to read through this "paper" because it presents some of the basic opposing view-points of Evolution versus Creation. The tone of the writer is somewhat cynical, which makes it an entertaining read that is worth your time. Unfortunately, I have not had time to peruse in depth, but I sense that the author has at least tried to present the views objectively and without partisanship (a commendably politically-correct approach!) but with refreshing humor and irreverence (to the self-importance of the "experts"). Do at least scan this if you have the time.

Web Site of the Month - October 1997
by Helen Belisle

The Ultimate Creation/Evolution Web Site (Cr+)

Here you have what professes to be the ultimate Creation/Evolution Web Site. I believe it! In the home page alone there are links to 77 other sites! You are most definitely going to have to book mark this one because unless you are unemployed and have boundless stamina, you won't be able to fully appreciate all it has to offer in just one sitting.

The emphasis is overtly pro-creation and very scriptural. I notice, though, that there are a couple of sites that are anti-creation, either in the form of articles or as debates. I find these to be highly entertaining because I am always curious to see how "they" think. There are two Seventh-Day Adventist sites linked (sites 42 and 55), a Catholic site, several other denominations represented, and of course universities and institutions. Something for everyone, without a doubt!

Let's see... I think I'll just wander into Sea Monsters!. ...Or maybe The Impossible Paradox. Or perhaps...

Later, folks! I have places to go, links to follow, things to read, sites to explore...

Web Site of the Month - November 1997
by Helen Belisle

Creation Connection (Cr+)

In keeping, as much as possible, with this month's theme of Astronomy, I have looked for (and hopefully found!) a site that incorporates the combined topics of Creation and Astronomy. This site is not exclusively about Astronomy, per se, but as you take the time to browse through it (as I know you won't be able to resist doing!) you will notice that there are several references to astronomy and like subjects. For instance: "Astronomy, Cosmology: Facts and theories consistent with modern astronomy and Genesis 1."

There are also some really wonderful looking books mentioned (just in time for Christmas wish lists!!) like Starlight and Time, The Earth, the Stars, and the Bible, or Age of the Cosmos to name only a few of the many goodies you could find in here. Talk about a loaded present! This is the place to go for a holiday feast of royal proportions. You really should take the time to visit this when you have nothing else to do for an hour or two or a week. The Astronomy information and links are just a fraction of the departure points. There are literally hours of feasting here. I wish you a glorious start on your holiday season browsing!

Web Site of the Month - December 1997
by Helen Belisle

The Origin of Life (Ev+)

Boy-o boy-o boy-o! Here is a real intellectual challenge for you! This page rambles on with all kinds of "information" about where we came from and what we went through to get here, etc., all told straight-faced and with an almost convincing tone of them believing what they say. It's amazing!

You're probably wondering why I suggested this site for you to explore. Well, basically I wanted you to be able to experience the sort of mental gymnastics some people go through on a continual basis to try to convince themselves of these really convoluted concepts. If you want a ride into the murky and less-than-logical side of life, here is the place for you!

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