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Back Issues 2006

JanuaryThe Politics of Evolution
FebruaryWhat’s Love Got to Do with It?
MarchEmerging Complexity
AprilAlice in Evolutionland
MayNaked Evolutionists
JuneEvo Devo and the Biogenetic Law
JulyThe Carbon 14 Myth
AugustInformation, Thermodynamics, and Entropy
SeptemberImplausible Life
OctoberLittle Lucy
NovemberTen Year Retrospective
DecemberWhale Brains

January 2006
Volume 10 Issue 4

Feature Article - The Politics of Evolution
Evolution in the News - "PurchaseRight" Law
email - The Far Side
Fourth Tuesday Video - Origins of Life
Web Site of the Month - Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

February 2006
Volume 10 Issue 5

Feature Article - What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Evolution in the News - Science Gone Hwong
Correction - Advise or Consent?
Evolution in the Church - Darwin’s Birthday
email - Six Questions
Web Site of the Month - How Could Sex Evolve, and Why?
Fourth Tuesday Video - Millions of Years

March 2006
Volume 10 Issue 6

Feature Article - Emerging Complexity
Evolution in the News - How Fossils Form
email - The ICSU and the AAAS
Web Site of the Month - Public Divided on Origins of Life
Fourth Tuesday Video - Emergence

April 2006
Volume 10 Issue 7

Feature Article - Alice in Evolutionland
Web Site of the Month - News-Medical.Net
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Best Evidence"

May 2006
Volume 10 Issue 8

Feature Article - Naked Evolutionists
Evolution in the News - A Fishy Ancestor
email - Labels
Web Site of the Month - The Panda’s Thumb
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Dating Fossils and Rocks"

June 2006
Volume 10 Issue 9

Feature Article - Evo Devo and the Biogenetic Law
Evolution in the News - Holes in Their Heads
Web Site of the Month - Developmental Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Paleo-crypto Zoology"

July 2006
Volume 10 Issue 10

Feature Article - The Carbon 14 Myth
Sidebar - The Great Wall of BBs
Evolution in the News - It's About Time
Web Site of the Month - Creationism vs. Science
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Was Darwin Wrong?"

August 2006
Volume 10 Issue 11

Feature Article - Information, Thermodynamics, and Entropy
Email - Measuring Complexity
Evolution in Fiction - Michener’s Space
Evolution in the News - Fear of Snakes
Web Site of the Month - The Case for Creationism…
Fourth Tuesday Video - "The Dinosaur Dilemma"

September 2006
Volume 10 Issue 12

Feature Article - Implausible Life
Email - Evolutionary Programming
Calendar - 12th Annual Community Dinner
Web Site of the Month - Creation & Evolution
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Buried Alive"

October 2006
Volume 11 Issue 1

Feature Article - Little Lucy
Email - Jack Doesn’t Know
Evolution on TV - NBC's Heroes
About Us - The End of Ratings
Web Site of the Month - The Myth Collapses: The Theory of Evolution
Fourth Tuesday Video - "Rocks Around the Clock"

November 2006
Volume 11 Issue 2

Feature Article - Ten Year Retrospective
Email - Young Earth Astronomy
Web Site of the Month - Scientists Endorse Candidate Over Teaching of Evolution
Fourth Tuesday Video - No holiday meeting

December 2006
Volume 11 Issue 3

Feature Article - Whale Brains
Email - In The Primeval Soup
Evolution in the News - Mars Water
About Us - Too Expensive To Meet
Web Site of the Month - Creation News

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