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JanuaryTop Evolution Stories in 2015
FebruaryLooking For Sex
MarchOur Take on the ENCODE Project
AprilWe Come Clean
MaySharpening the Point
JuneUranium Disequilibrium
JulyInstitutionalizing Creationism
AugustWhat is Science?
SeptemberGuitar Cladistics
OctoberComplexity Revisited
NovemberWe Don’t Believe
DecemberFlying Reindeer

January 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Top Evolution Stories in 2015
Three science tabloids picked the top evolution stories.
Email - Michael’s Clarifications
Did Michael really say that?
Web Site of the Month - The ENCODE Embroilment, Part 1
“Why Are Biologists Lashing Out Against Empirically Verified Research Results?”

February 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Looking For Sex
Valentine’s Day inspired us to look for sex articles in the professional literature.
Email - A Colossal Fossil Failure
Dr. Donald Prothero’s video fails to prove that evolution is true.
Web Site of the Month - Ghost of Lamarck: Working Epigenetics into Evolutionary Theory
Evolution News and Views

March 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Our Take on the ENCODE Project
Here’s what we think about the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE).
Email - The Platypus Problem
Mixed Traits present a problem for evolutionists.
Web Site of the Month - Scientific Evidence that God Created Life
Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein!

April 2016 newsletter in PDF format
We Come Clean
At last we finally admit what we really believe.
Email - Evolution-safe Zones
Do students need to be protected from hearing the truth about evolution?
Web Site of the Month - Okay, We Give Up
Scientific American gives up on evolution.

May 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Sharpening the Point
Last month’s satire can easily be misunderstood.
Email - Sam the Parrot
Sam just repeats what other people say.
Email - The Definition of Evolution
Just what is, “Evolution?”
Web Site of the Month - 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about the Creation vs. Evolution Debate
Some quick insights about the ongoing conflict between two very big ideas.

June 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Uranium Disequilibrium
Uranium isotopes should be in equilibrium if the Earth is more than 2 million years old—but they aren’t.
Evolution in the News - The Tungsten Problem
Tungsten isotopes are inconsistent with the currently accepted theory about how Earth formed.
Web Site of the Month - Science and Creation
Scientific Evidence for Creation

July 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Institutionalizing Creationism
How should schools teach students to evaluate scientific evidence?
Evolution in the News - Likely Hobbit Ancestors
Has another human ancestor been discovered?
Evolution in the News - Discover’s Human Origins
Discover magazine tells us everything worth knowing about human origins.
Web Site of the Month - A Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, Dinosaurs Included
How the news media is responding to the enormous model of Noah’s ark.

August 2016 newsletter in PDF format
What is Science?
One has to change the definition of “science” to make the theory of evolution scientific.
Email - Arbitrary Classification
Is taxonomy arbitrary or not?
Web Site of the Month - Evolution: Science or Creation Story?
Faith Facts finding facts for life’s tough questions

September 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Guitar Cladistics
Cladistics is a useful tool, but it depends on subjective judgment.
Email - Scientific Inference
When is inference valid?
Web Site of the Month - Dallas researchers out to scientifically prove biblical version of creation
Institute for Creation Research Review

October 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Complexity Revisited
Ten years ago we pondered the complexity of life. It is time to revisit the topic again.
Evolution in the News - Hardly Breathing
Respiration isn’t as easy as it seems.
Web Site of the Month - Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution
Scurrilous Commentary by Fred Reed

November 2016 newsletter in PDF format
We Don’t Believe
An evolutionist tries to explain why we don’t believe things that he thinks are true.
Evolution in the News - Racist Beliefs
Racists present evolutionary “proof.”
Evolution in the News - Something to Chew On
Even the evolution of something as simple as the jaw is a problem.
Web Site of the Month - Answers in Genesis
Believing it. Defending it. Proclaiming it.

December 2016 newsletter in PDF format
Flying Reindeer
The existence of flying reindeer proves the theory of evolution is true!
Email- Categorizing "Evolution"
Greg thinks that it isn’t helpful to categorize certain changes as "microevolution" or "macroevolution."
Evolution in the News - Another Unknown Human
Genetic clues "prove" another hominid race not revealed by fossils.
Email- Blind Fish
Have blind fish evolved or devolved?
About Us - Our Mailing List
It is just a monthly reminder.
Web Site of the Month - Microevolution vs. Macroevolution: What’s the Difference?
Internet sites don’t agree.

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