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JanuaryTop Evolution Stories of 2016
FebruaryCondor 22
MarchFake Science

January 2017 newsletter in PDF format
Top Evolution Stories of 2016
We review the evolution stories that Discover magazine and Science News thought were the most important in 2016.
Email - Group Behavior
Jo leads us into an area we have not sufficiently addressed.
Web Site of the Month - Did a Dinosaur Get Its Feathered Tail Caught in Amber?
Answers in Depth

February 2017 newsletter in PDF format
Condor 22
Evolution depends upon the survival of endangered species.
About Us - Everybody Loves Us
Where Have All the Haters Gone?
Evolution in the News - Evolutionary Acceptance
Do most scientists still believe in the theory of evolution?
Email - More About MacroDEvolution
Nathan weighs in.
Web Site of the Month - How to Defend Evolutionism Against Creationism
Wiki How tells you how to do anything.

March 2017 newsletter in PDF format
Fake Science
Opposition to Fake Science isnít Anti-science.
Evolution in the News - Fake Science Journalism
The American Council on Science and Health says science journalism is worse than journalism as a whole.
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution - Which Does Science Support?
TrueNews.org - Be Informed. Make a Difference.

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