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January2017 Evolution Review
FebruaryA Vas Deferens of Opinion

January 2018 newsletter in PDF format
2017 Evolution Review
It was a bad year for the myth about human evolution.
Email - New Genetic Data
Information can’t arise by chance.
Evolution in the News - Dinosaur Corpse Controversy
Maybe reason is extinct.
About Us - Internet Censorship
AOL won’t let us email you.
Web Site of the Month - Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class
Raising Doubts about Evolution … in Science Class

February 2018 newsletter in PDF format
A Vas Deferens of Opinion
Here is the latest installment of our annual look at how sexual reproduction is inconsistent with the theory of evolution.
Email - Refuting Wikipedia
Why don’t we refute the Wikipedia article on common descent?
Evolution in the News - Even Older Fossils
Evolutionists refuted their newest theory faster than we could.
Web Site of the Month - Creation and Evolution: History of the Debate in the Netherlands
First stop of a blog series entitled “Evolution and Christian Faith Around the World.”

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