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January2017 Evolution Review
FebruaryA Vas Deferens of Opinion
AprilLife Comes From Life
MayAncestry From DNA
JuneScience Insanity
JulyAll Together Now
AugustWhat Do Kids Know?
SeptemberObject-oriented Creation: Clarifications
OctoberThe Hox Example
NovemberShallow Thinking
DecemberMisleading Math

January 2018 newsletter in PDF format
2017 Evolution Review
It was a bad year for the myth about human evolution.
Email - New Genetic Data
Information can’t arise by chance.
Evolution in the News - Dinosaur Corpse Controversy
Maybe reason is extinct.
About Us - Internet Censorship
AOL won’t let us email you.
Web Site of the Month - Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class
Raising Doubts about Evolution … in Science Class

February 2018 newsletter in PDF format
A Vas Deferens of Opinion
Here is the latest installment of our annual look at how sexual reproduction is inconsistent with the theory of evolution.
Email - Refuting Wikipedia
Why don’t we refute the Wikipedia article on common descent?
Evolution in the News - Even Older Fossils
Evolutionists refuted their newest theory faster than we could.
Web Site of the Month - Creation and Evolution: History of the Debate in the Netherlands
First stop of a blog series entitled “Evolution and Christian Faith Around the World.”

March 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Evolutionists made some obvious observations, missed the most important point, and failed to find what they were really looking for.
Email - Future Hate Mail
Don’t bother writing. Here’s our answer.
Web Site of the Month - Creation and Evolution in Public Education
Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia

April 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Life Comes From Life
Any similarity between this song and Circle of Life from Disney's Lion King is purely coincidental.
Email - Capitalization Punishment
Was it wrong for us to capitalize the phrase, “theory of evolution?”
Evolution in the News - Phrenology Makes a Comeback
Scientists embrace phrenology to explain evolution.
Web Site of the Month - April Fools’ Day Science Hoaxes
Information from the hoaxes.org website

May 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Ancestry From DNA
Can DNA be used to trace our evolutionary history?
Email - A Maize-ing Science
Barbara McClintock’s study of the genetics of maize doesn’t support evolution.
Evolution in the News - Still Justified
The Kentucky Derby Limit still holds!
Web Site of the Month - Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman
Religious Attitudes in Evolutionism

June 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Science Insanity
A computer model could show erosion carved Mount Rushmore.
Evolution in the News - Think Big
How did we get so big-headed?
Evolution in the News - New Scientists Believe in Ghosts
Now they have discovered ghost apes!
Web Site of the Month - WWW.CREATIONISM.ORG
This site provides numerous links to the topics of Creation Science and Creationism.

July 2018 newsletter in PDF format
All Together Now
A genetic study blows up the geologic timescale.
Email - The Hole Story
David disputes our characterization of black holes.
Web Site of the Month - Trial and Error
The American Controversy over Creation and Evolution

August 2018 newsletter in PDF format
What Do Kids Know?
There is a difference between knowledge and recitation.
Email - Object-oriented Creation
Is there an explanation (other than evolution from a common ancestor) which explains similarity of some species?
Web Site of the Month - Educate Truth
Exploring the debate about teaching evolution at La Sierra University, a Seventh-day Adventist Institution

September 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Object-oriented Creation: Clarifications
Here is Tony’s response to our critique of his hypothesis.
Email - Object-oriented Creation Emails
Two people responded to Tony’s idea.
Email - Visits Up, Hate Down
John wants us to publish more hate mail.
Web Site of the Month - Scholar.google.com
Finding Articles on Creation and Evolution

October 2018 newsletter in PDF format
The Hox Example
A recent article about the Hox gene shows how the theory of evolution is detrimental to science.
Evolution in the News - Directed Evolution
The 2018 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Email - Flat-out Lies
Jonathan makes hit-and-run accusations.
Web Site of the Month - GENESISapologetics
Non-profit organization committed to providing Biblically- and scientifically-based answers to evolution theory taught in public schools (in California)

November 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Shallow Thinking
The theory of evolution certainly isn’t rocket science.
Email - Sam is Back!
Your favorite hater strikes again!
Web Site of the Month - Creation Science Network
Creation Science Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the biblical and scientific truth of creation and a young earth.

December 2018 newsletter in PDF format
Misleading Math
Misleading math can lead to incorrect conclusions about evolution.
Evolution in the News - Egg on their Faces
Colored eggs don’t prove evolution.
Web Site of the Month - Facts & Evidence Against Evolution
-- bonitas non est pessimis esse meliorem --

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