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Back Issues 1997

JanuaryMicroevolution and Macroevolution
FebruaryExact Dating (More or Less)
MarchFalling Off Mount Improbable
AprilSex and the Single Bone
MayThe Many Myths of Evolution
JuneDarwin's Black Box
JulyPigeons and Sparrows
AugustThe Fossil Trail Fizzles Out
SeptemberThe Neanderthal Problem
OctoberEvolution of Television
NovemberOur Escaping Moon
DecemberAnybody Out There?

January 1997
Volume 1 Issue 4

Feature Article - Microevolution and Macroevolution
Evolution in the News - Martian Meteorite Update
Calendar - Case for Creation seminar
Web Site of the Month - The Origins Solution

February 1997
Volume 1 Issue 5

Feature Article - Exact Dating (More or Less)
Evolution in the News - Date Disagreements
Fourth Friday Free Film - Evolution: Challenge of the Fossil Record
Web Site of the Month - Dragons in Paradise

March 1997
Volume 1 Issue 6

Feature Article - Falling Off Mount Improbable
After Thoughts- Let's Make A List
Fourth Friday Free Film - Is Life Just Chemistry
Web Site of the Month - Creation Evidences

April 1997
Volume 1 Issue 7

Feature Article - Sex and the Single Bone
Action & Reaction - Age of the Earth
Fourth Friday Free Film - Mount St. Helens, Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe
Web Site of the Month - Christianity and Science

May 1997
Volume 1 Issue 8

Feature Article - The Many Myths of Evolution
Calendar - Mount St. Helens Field Trip
Swap Sheet Answer - Why Elephants Paint Their Toenails
Fourth Friday Free Film - Darwinism on Trial
Web Site of the Month - The Evolutionary Tales

June 1997
Volume 1 Issue 9

Feature Article - Darwin's Black Box
Calendar - ICR Summer Institute
Sources - Answers In Genesis
Everyone Should Join
Questionable Quote - Meat and bone marrow gave them the extra energy to grow larger brains.
Fourth Friday Free Film - Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution

July 1997
Volume 1 Issue 10

Feature Article - Pigeons and Sparrows
We're Growing!
Size Doesn't Matter!
Fourth Friday Free Film - The Origin of Man
Web Site of the Month - The Main Points about Creation/Evolution

August 1997
Volume 1 Issue 11

Feature Article - The Fossil Trail Fizzles Out
Calendar - 3rd Annual Community Dinner
Fourth Friday Free Film - Creation/Evolution Debate
Web Site of the Month - Origins of Humankind

September 1997
Volume 1 Issue 12

Feature Article - The Neanderthal Problem
Evolution in the News - Neanderthal DNA Soup
Action & Reaction - Neanderthal DNA Contest
Fourth Friday Free Film - The Age of the Earth
Web Site of the Month - Darwin & Wallace, Evolution & Creation

October 1997
Volume 2 Issue 1

Feature Article - Evolution of Television
Disclosure Enclosure - Education Behind the Times
Fourth Friday Free Film - The Young Age of the Earth
Web Site of the Month - The Ultimate Creation/Evolution Web Site

November 1997
Volume 2 Issue 2

Feature Article - Our Escaping Moon
Fourth Friday Free Film - Darwinism: Science or Naturalistic Philosophy
Web Site of the Month - Creation Connection

December 1997
Volume 2 Issue 3

Feature Article - Anybody Out There?
Action & Reaction - Our Escaping Moon
Evolution in the News - Ausktribosphenos nykotos
Fourth Friday Free Film - Grand Canyon
Web Site of the Month - The Origin of Life

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