Calendar - September 2006

12th Annual Community Dinner

Perhaps you noticed that the Community Dinner, traditionally held in September, did not happen this month. The event organizers postponed it. Some of the other non-profit groups found it difficult to sell tickets in August because too many members were out of town. The dinner was rescheduled for Veterans’ Day, which falls on Friday, November 10, this year.

This is not particularly good for us because our two main reasons for participating in the Dinner are to pass out newsletters and invite people to attend the monthly meetings. We don’t meet in November and December because the fourth Tuesdays of those months are so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, on November 10, 2006, we will be inviting people to attend our January 23, 2007, meeting. That gives people too much time to forget about the meeting.

Furthermore, it will be the November, rather than the September, newsletter that we will be handing out to the people who stop by the booth. We had planned the September newsletter to be an overview of everything we’ve written in the past 10 years. If we do that, it will be a little strange for the ten year summary to be in Vol. 11 No. 2 rather than Vol 10. No. 12.

We expect to have tickets for sale at our October meeting, so please plan to buy them from us. Thanks.

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