email - August 2007
by Do-While Jones

Why Did He Ask?

Is Ken sinister, or just lazy?

We received this sentence fragment and question from Ken:

Since your website is science based. Who are the PhD biologists that support it?

That’s all he wrote. We replied with our standard answer. “We don't provide any information on our members.”

Later, we gave his email more thought, wondering why anyone would ask such a question. We came up with two possibilities.

Perhaps he asked because he wanted a list of people he could persecute. Nothing can get a professor fired faster than doubting evolution. The most recent example 1 is Iowa State University astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez, author of The Privileged Planet. That’s why we keep our membership list confidential. If we had given Ken a list of our contributors, he could have gone to their employers and made trouble for them.

But there is wisdom in the saying, “Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity,” so we lean toward the second possibility. Perhaps Ken is simply too dumb or lazy to think for himself. He might be content to let someone else do the thinking, and accept whatever a smart person tells him.

There are people who believe something simply because it is said by a scientist, rabbi, priest, imam, minister, witch doctor, Republican, or Democrat. People who do this are easily led astray. Of all these authorities, the scientist is the easiest to check out. The scientist should have some experimental data upon which he bases his opinion. A wise person examines the data and decides if the scientist’s conclusion is reasonable or not.

What Ken apparently failed to realize is that the name of our corporation is “Science Against Evolution,” not “Biologists Against Evolution.” We never cite personal authority as the reason for believing anything. Instead, we cite published secular scientific research.

Yes, we do tell you who did the research, but our intention is not to convince you of its accuracy based on that person’s reputation. We tell you the scientists’ names because we want you to be able to look up the references, and check to make sure we have quoted them accurately. We want you to know that we aren’t making up the foolish things evolutionists say. We want you to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Evolutionists know that if you examine the theory of evolution for yourself, you are likely to reject it. That’s why they are so desperate to censor the science curriculum in public schools.

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1 David Klinghoffer, The Weekly Standard, 8 June 2007, “Tenure Trouble”