Evolution in the News - June 2007
by Do-While Jones

Evolutionists Help Creation Museum

For people who think they are so smart, evolutionists sure do some dumb things.

In case you haven’t heard, Answers in Genesis opened an impressive new creation museum just outside Cincinnati on May 28. You probably have heard, because evolutionists have been throwing a tantrum about it. If they hadn’t, you would not know about it unless you were already on the Answers in Genesis mailing list.

Answers in Genesis brags about their special effects. You might be inclined to write it off as exaggerated advertising. But the opponents say,

There are 52 videos in the museum, one showing how the transformations wrought by the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 reveal how plausible it is that the waters of Noah’s flood could have carved out the Grand Canyon within days. There is a special-effects theater complete with vibrating seats meant to evoke the flood, and a planetarium paying tribute to God’s glory while exploring the nature of galaxies.

Whether you are willing to grant the premises of this museum almost becomes irrelevant as you are drawn into its mixture of spectacle and narrative. Its 60,000 square feet of exhibits are often stunningly designed by Patrick Marsh, who, like the entire museum staff, declares adherence to the ministry’s views; he evidently also knows the lure of secular sensations, since he designed the “Jaws” and “King Kong” attractions at Universal Studios in Florida. 1

Evolutionists say it is dazzling and interesting, so it must be worth a visit. AIG could not have bought advertising like that!

Evolutionists were determined to keep people away. Even the British journal, Nature, said,

Protesters are planning a “Rally for Reason” at the museum’s May 28 opening. 2

How did that work out? The Associated Press tells us,

The dozens of demonstrators argued Monday that the Creation Museum's central tenets conflict with scientific evidence that the Earth is several billion years old. … The privately funded museum had more than 4,000 guests on opening day, said Mark Looy, a co-founder of the 7 million facility 20 miles southwest of Cincinnati. The parking lot was filled with license plates from dozens of states. 3

All this fuss, and only a few dozen protesters! But the height of stupidity is the pull-quote from the New Scientist article.

Parents should be ready to bring lawsuits for any school system that uses public funds to bring students to this museum [emphasis theirs] 4

It would be foolish for evolutionists to do this. Americans don’t like censorship. Any attack like this simply creates sympathy and support for the museum. Furthermore, one of two things will happen if they sue—they will win, or they will lose. If they lose, it gives credibility to the museum. If they win, it creates a precedent that creationists can use. Creationists can sue any school that takes children to a natural history museum containing incorrect displays. Therefore, schools might be afraid to take children to any natural history museum that contains a display that says Stanley Miller’s experiment proved how life began, for example. From the school’s point of view, a field trip is an expensive, dangerous hassle. They have insurance that protects them from physical harm that may befall the students while on the field trip, but they don’t have insurance against lawsuits. Schools could save money by eliminating field trips completely.

Most of the children you see in natural history museums are there with school groups, not parents. Evolutionists should not risk losing school-sponsored trips to museums that are filled with evolutionary propaganda by encouraging lawsuits.

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