email - October 2007
by Do-While Jones

Marcelo Muses About Mice

Why would rodents evolve into primates since rodents are better adapted for survival than primates?

Marcelo’s email begins,

My Name is Marcelo and I’m from Brazil. Two months ago, I created a thread in a forum about origins titled: "Natural Selection Contradicts Evolution Of Primates, The evolution of a mouse-like creature to primates is Impossible". But, it seems that the evos of the forum are not interested to find flawed points in my line of reasoning.

The email he sent us contained far too many pages of technical argument to put in our “six page” newsletter (which we could only hold down to eight pages this month).

Marcelo’s main point is that mice reproduce rapidly. They have large litters, and have them often. Primates, on the other hand, tend to have long gestation periods, and only produce one or two babies at a time. Therefore, Marcelo reasons, natural selection should favor rodents over primates because evolution is all about getting the largest number of offspring to reproductive maturity. There is no survival advantage in evolving from a rodent to a primate.  It is a very good point. That’s why evolutionists would rather not address it.

We are confident that a smart evolutionist somewhere will come up with a fantastic fable to explain it. We can’t wait to see what tall tale they will tell.

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