About Us - December 2011

No More Donations, Please

Since we no longer have expenses, we donít need any contributions.

We arenít quitting!† We are going to continue to publish our ďsix-pageĒ newsletter every month on-line.† The only difference is that we are not going to print and mail hard copies of the newsletter.† Therefore, we no longer need contributions to cover the cost of printing and mailing. Since printing and mailing are our only expenses, we no longer need contributions. We are refunding pro-rated contributions to the members who have made contributions expecting to receive hard-copy newsletters.

Although I have always enjoyed writing the newsletter, it has been a real burden printing, stapling, punching, and addressing the newsletters every month for 15 years. For a long time I have considered discontinuing the printed newsletters, but I have continued to mail hard copies because I know some of our members really appreciate it.† A recent combination of events has compelled us to discontinue physically printing the newsletter.

The main reason for no longer physically printing newsletters is that we had a mutually beneficial printing arrangement with a private school in which we subsidized their printer in exchange for color copies at their cost (8 cents per page).† Unfortunately, the school can no longer afford to maintain that printer.† This forces us to stop printing, or find another printer willing to match the schoolís low rate.

A secondary reason is that it is a hassle to deal with the State of California.† If we donít collect any money, we donít need to be a non-profit corporation and file paperwork every year.

The original reason for incorporating was to get a bulk mailing permit.† A few years after we incorporated, the post office raised the price of a bulk mailing permit so much that the amount saved per newsletter didnít cover the cost of the permit. Thatís why we have been mailing the newsletters first class for several years.

We truly have been a non-profit corporation, asking for annual contributions that just barely cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletters. We never paid volunteers anything. We donít own any property or equipment. We didnít use corporate funds to subscribe to expensive technical journals (Science, Nature, and PNAS) or cheap science tabloids (Discover, New Scientist, Science News, Scientific American, and National Geographic).

We are disposing of the small amount of money in our bank account by transferring it to a similar non-profit corporation, as required by California law, closing the bank account, and releasing the post office box.

Nothing else has changed. Science is still against evolution.

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