About Us - April 2012
by Do-While Jones

We’ve Rehosted

Our Web Hosting Service failed.

On March 28, our web hosting provider had a massive equipment failure. When they were unable to get us back on the Internet in a timely manner (more than two weeks), we reluctantly decided to switch to another provider.

I really didn’t want to switch because it involved getting a new domain name (ScienceAgainstEvolution.INFO) and uploading 1,042 files. Some of those files contained hard links pointing to our old server. I think I fixed them all, but if I didn’t, please let me know.

If you previously subscribed using RSS (to get automatic notifications when a new newsletter appears), you might have to subscribe again by clicking on the link on our home page.

Hopefully the server changes have propagated through all the domain name servers by the time you read this, so the previous name (ScienceAgainstEvolution.org) will also point to the new web server.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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