Evolution in the News - February 2014
by Do-While Jones

Ham on Nye

Perhaps this was the most disappointing debate ever!

Creationists and evolutionists should be equally ashamed of the horrible debate on February 4 between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. We would really like to pretend it never happened; but since it was so widely publicized, we are obligated to address it.

Watching this debate was like watching two professional football players go head-to-head in an Olympic men’s figure skating competition. How do you choose a winner when both skaters spend most of their routines sitting on the ice? It was just ugly and embarrassing.

Creation/evolution debates are rare these days because most evolutionists are smart enough not to participate. When they do agree to debate, evolutionists generally get soundly defeated because science is on the side of creationists.

Creationist Ken Ham suckered Bill Nye the Bowtie Guy into debating him. (Ham agreed to donate an undisclosed sum of money to Nye’s unspecified charity.) Ham thought that Nye would be the weakest possible opponent; and Nye lived down to expectations. Every time he opened his mouth, Nye displayed his colossal ignorance of science and the Bible. But Ham’s strategy backfired when he failed to address Nye’s stupid, erroneous statements, which have been refuted time and time again by creationists. Instead, Ham stuck primarily to his three main points: (1) the definition of science; (2) some great scientists believe in creation; and (3) the Bible is true.

There was no winner that night—just losers. Perhaps the biggest loser was the poor audience in Kentucky which spent two and a half hours sitting in the auditorium, and then had to drive home in a terrible snowstorm.

Since we don’t want to say any more than we absolutely have to about this awful debate, let us refer you to a half-hour video on the Internet by Creation Ministries International titled “Ken Ham / Bill Nye Debate Analysis.” It summarizes all of Bill Nye’s errors, and gives links to well-known refutations of those errors. You can find it at http://creation.com/ham-nye-debate.

PS. For more on the debate see Red Herrings in the March, 2014, Newsletter.

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