email - November 2014
by Do-While Jones

Underground Trees

How many times can the same thing evolve independently?

Jay was not convinced by a British Broadcasting Corporation story about the evolution of underground trees.

Subject: BBC Article about Evolution of Underground Trees

Hello Mr. Pogge,

My name is Jay, and I am a frequent reader of your newsletters. Like you, I don’t believe in modern Darwinism. There is an article I just read on the BBC homepage, and you may already be aware of it, but I found some of the things they said very intriguing and, in some cases stupefying.

The article is about the “evolution” of underground trees. As you might expect, they take for granted that evolution is real and can be taken for granted. However, if you read the article, what they are really doing is just speculating as to what caused or “catalyzed” underground tree species to evolve, as opposed to explaining their gradual modification and descent from above-ground trees.

There is one major highlight I want to point out to you that really strikes me as quite amazing and, for someone like me who understands the immense improbability of their claims, shows just how much faith these scientists have in Darwin’s theory.

Towards the end of the article they cite a scientific study where the DNA of the various trees was analyzed and what they found is that underground trees have evolved *30 times INDEPENDENTLY,* all within the last 8 million years or so, they claim. And that’s just in Africa! Apparently underground trees evolved independently in South America too, and there “dozens” of species evolved *independently* of one another, and within the same period of time!

Does that not strike you as being impossible? To me, it just doesn’t seem realistic, and I’m interested in hearing your opinion. Does independent convergent evolution at this scale not strike a significant blow to Darwin’s theory in your opinion?



Yes, that strikes us as impossible, and yes, that should strike a significant blow to Darwin’s theory. As evolutionists find more and more holes in the theory of evolution, they turn increasingly to convergent evolution to explain the similarities in unrelated species. It is their way of avoiding the truth, as you will see in this month’s Evolution in the News column.

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