NASA FAILED TO find the evidence evolutionists needed to validate their theory. Evolutionists predicted that there would be more than fifty feet of dust on the moon because they think the moon is billions of years old. Astronauts found only a fraction of an inch of dust every place they landed. Unmanned probes to other planets have found temperatures and atmospheric conditions radically different from those predicted by evolution. In most cases the discovery of unexpected data stimulates research. In this case, however, the discovery of so much data damaging to a pet theory has shifted the emphasis of our space program to technology-based experiments on a shuttle in Earth orbit. Why send a man to Mars to find more evidence that evolution didn't happen? All you need to do to find evidence that evolution didn't happen is to write to Science Against Evolution, P.O. BOX 923, Ridgecrest, CA 93556. This is the add we never ran for reasons explained in our feature article titled, "That's One Small Step for a Rock -- One Giant Leap of Faith".

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