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You don't have to believe in God to belong to Science Against Evolution. Science Against Evolution is a secular corporation that is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. Of course people who believe that the creation story in Genesis should be taken literally have an obvious reason to oppose the theory of evolution; but there are good reasons why atheists should join, too.

Scientists seek to find naturalistic explanations for everything, including the origin and development of life on Earth. Shortly after Darwin published his theory in 1859, many people thought those explanations had been found. It has only been in the last 30 years that professional scientists have begun to realize in larger numbers that they hadn't.

In professional circles it is well known that life could not have begun on earth the way it is explained in high school and college textbooks. The spark in a methane/ammonia atmosphere and a warm pond full of amino acids has been generally discredited. There is no known natural process that could have started life on Earth. That's why scientists are searching for ways life could have naturally evolved under the Earth, or inside an underwater volcano, or could have come to Earth on a meteor or comet.

The fossil record has failed to show the general trend of creatures to evolve into other creatures in the manner that Darwin proposed. The fossil record is actually quite difficult to reconcile with Darwinian evolution, and so several other attempts have been made to try to explain what is actually found in the ground.

But the general public still believes that the riddles of life have been solved. As long as they believe this, it will be hard to get funding for scientific research in these areas. That's why scientists without any particular religious background should help Science Against Evolution turn the tide of public opinion. The public won't support efforts to solve any problem as long as they think that the problem has already been solved.

Science Against Evolution exposes the inconsistencies, contradictions, and outright foolishness of popularly held notions about evolution every month in its newsletter. On the Fourth Friday of every month we show a free video at the Kern County Public Library. As funding permits, we place short thought-provoking ads in the Swap Sheet.

These are our ways of encouraging scientific research to see if there are any better naturalistic explanations for the origin and diversity of life on Earth than the implausible theory of evolution. If there really is a credible naturalistic explanation, don't you think we should try to find it? If there isn't any reasonable naturalistic explanation, isn't that important to know, too?

We encourage you to return the membership application and a (tax deductible) donation of $15 or more.

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