email - July 2018
by Do-While Jones

The Hole Story

David disputes our characterization of black holes.

David wrote to correct something we wrote in the last newsletter. 1

Love your work and the recent newsletter has lots of great stuff. However, it has long been part of the theory of Black Holes that there would be a ring of swirling material around them which, at a certain distance would throw off matter and emit radiation. It's only inside the Event Horizon that everything becomes trapped by the gravity.

Also, Dark Matter being "inert" refers to a lot of things, but not gravitational interactions. In fact, it is essentially pure gravity from what I can tell -- gravitational attraction is the one property it has. It was theorized to exist because the rates of rotation in the arms of galaxies indicates they should be flying apart, so something must be providing the extra gravity to hold them together. There have since been discovered places where light is distorted as if by a certain kind or form of lens, but the only cause that seems to fit is some unseen source of gravity.

We won’t argue those points.

We try to avoid detailed discussions of astronomical theories because everyone believes a different version of the fairy tale.  It is foolish to argue about which version of a fairy tale is correct because, since it is a fairy tale, no version is really true.

(Admittedly, we have the same difficulty discussing the theories of evolution because evolutionists agree that evolution happened, but disagree about how and why it happened. That’s why we include links to the particular fantasy a particular evolutionist believes whenever we discuss it.)

Dark matter and dark energy are mythical fudge factors which have been proposed to explain why measurements don’t confirm the Big Bang theory. The most important point, in fact, the only important point, is that measurements don’t confirm the theory.

Since dark matter doesn’t really exist, it isn’t really dark matter—it is “Doesn’t Matter.”

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1 Disclosure, June 2018, “Science Insanity”#bh