email - March 2018
by Do-While Jones

Future Hate Mail

Don’t bother writing. Here’s our answer.

No doubt somebody out there is just about to sit down at their keyboard and write.

How dare you say, “We also noticed fat 6th graders are slower than skinny 6th graders,” in your feature article?!!!!!

Here’s how we dare: It’s the truth. It is as true as any generalization can be—and you know it.

Yes, it is insensitive; but it is still true.

We could have been more sensitive by saying that “hydrocarbonly-blessed” 6th graders did not achieve speeds exhibited by less encumbered 6th graders. That would not change the truth—but it would obscure it. Science is supposed to reveal the truth—not obscure it.

The truth is the truth whether it hurts someone’s feelings or not. Unfortunately, some people, including scientists, feel compelled to exercise self-censorship so as not to offend anyone by telling the truth.

The tyranny of political correctness is harmful to scientific reporting. The truth is the truth whether it hurts your feelings or not. Unfortunately, outcome-based education has become so entrenched in America that people have come to accept the premise that anything you want to believe is true, regardless of whether it is actually true or not, as long as it makes you feel good.

This has resulted in scientists trying to prove things that aren’t really true to be true because people want confirmation of their fantasy. This shameful practice began with the forced acceptance of the theory of evolution, but is now corrupting other branches of science as well. (For example, it is dangerous to have an honest discussion of the Bell Curve or the alleged threat of man-made climate change.)

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