Evolution in the News - May 2018
by Do-While Jones

Still Justified

The Kentucky Derby Limit still holds!

The 144th Kentucky Derby was held on May 5, 2018. Originally, the race was 1.5 miles long; but in 1896 the distance was decreased to 1.25 miles, and it has been that length ever since. So, this month’s race was the 123rd modern length Kentucky Derby.

We watch the Kentucky Derby every year because it is an on-going, carefully controlled, 123-year (so far) scientific test of the evolutionary hypothesis that selective breeding can cause microevolutionary changes to accumulate WITHOUT LIMIT, resulting in macroevolution. In 1999, we claimed that there is a limit to how fast a 3-year-old horse can run 1.25 miles, and that limit has been reached. 1

Our prediction was justified when Justified won the Kentucky Derby in 124 seconds this year.

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1 Disclosure, June 1999, “The Kentucky Derby Limit”