email - February 2019
by Do-While Jones


You can help.

Last month we wondered if there is still a need for Science Against Evolution. We want to thank all of you who wrote to say that there is, and encouraged us to continue. Among the emails saying we do a good job of presenting evidence against evolution, there was one email which correctly pointed out that we don’t do a very good job of marketing our information. Seppo wrote:

The information on your site is extremely important for everyone to know. You could write an article like some kind of evolution leaflet/tract so that people can print that out and give away. Maybe churches could make copies of that tract to give away on the streets.

You could put a small ad in a newspaper or magazine. Cards could be left at several places. The text on a card or in an ad could be something like:

"If you want to keep believing in the theory of evolution don't visit"

"I dare you to visit"

"Why do teachers, and politicians hate”

"The science is in, Darwin is out;"

I think a leaflet/tract should contain something about:

-The worldview that someone has dictates how he or she interprets the facts.

-The difference between operational science and historical science.

-The difference between micro-and macro evolution.

-Mutations cause genetic degeneration/ genetic entropy.

-The impossibility of abiogenesis.

-The problems with radiometric dating. (If the earth was created 10000 years ago then you probably measure now approximately the isotope ratio of that time)

-Fossils are no evidence for macro evolution.

-DNA contradicts evolutionary tree of life.

Seppo has a good idea—but it would be better if YOU did it. You can direct people to our website or our Facebook page. 1 You can put ads in your local paper or your church bulletin. We would really appreciate that!

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