About Us - July 2020
by Do-While Jones

Catastrophic Failure

The extinction of my computer forced our operation to evolve.

The crash of my computer hard disk on June 29 complicated the publication of this monthís newsletter. I had to buy a new computer. Although nearly all my data files were backed up, I lost all my programs. Microsoft Word for XP wonít run on Windows 10. It has been tough learning a new operating system and new word processor.

More importantly, I canít get the Windows 10 email program to read my previously exported email address books. So, I have lost most of the addresses of readers who have asked for monthly email reminders that the newsletter is on-line. If you did not get an email on July 20 (or 21, depending upon your time zone) telling you the article titles in the July newsletter, thatís why.

If you would like to get a monthly reminder, please send an email to Pogge@ScienceAgainstEvolution.info and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

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