email - August 2020
by Do-While Jones

Unnatural Influence

Are COVID-19 vaccines unnatural?

Last month’s Evolution in the News column (about the desire to make extinction extinct) posed a tongue-in-cheek question in order to stimulate some critical thinking. If extinction is the way evolution replaces inferior species with better ones, why should we want to save endangered species? Although it was a whimsical rhetorical question, Al answered it.

The idea behind saving endangered species is that if human activity is a factor in the decline of a species, it's an unnatural influence on evolution.

That leads to more questions. Is human activity unnatural? If so, what makes it unnatural? Is it natural if a beaver builds a dam, but unnatural if a human builds one?

Regardless of whether humans are natural or not, is it wrong for humans to influence evolution? Man has been using artificial selection for years to produce new varieties of corn, dogs, tomatoes, horses, and lots of other things. Is that immoral? Does it upset the balance of nature? What about using genetic engineering instead of traditional breeding to combine genes to produce radically new species?

These are political questions—not scientific ones. Science deals with what is. Politics deals with what people should think and do.

COVID-19 Science

Politicians are trying to make the COVID-19 virus extinct by controlling society. The morally relevant question is, “If a virus becomes rare, should it be put on the endangered species list and protected? From an evolutionary perspective, COVID-19 has “redeeming social value” because it thins the herd by removing weak and feeble individuals. What if politicians embrace evolution and decide to let COVID-19 produce a “master race?”

Because children have been erroneously taught for decades that the theory of evolution is scientific, they don’t know what science is. Science is a way to discover the truth about how the world operates, using observation and experimentation. Instead, children have been taught science is the opinion of intellectually superior people who know what is best for you.

Because people don’t know what science really is, politicians have been able to disguise political agendas as science. COVID-19 is the obvious example. Does closing churches, schools, and public gatherings prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the population? There’s no scientific proof one way or the other (yet). A few years from now, it may be possible to analyze the data to see how the disease actually spread, and evaluate the actual effects of various techniques and treatments; but, currently, there is no science. There are just politicians pretending to use science to justify restricting freedom and gaining control of society.

What if “science” shows the best way to control the disease is to kill everyone who tests positive for it? That’s the evolutionary (“scientific”) solution!

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