email - January 2020
by Do-While Jones

How Do They Know?

Have we really not beaten a dead horse enough?

Harley chastised us with these words:

I’ve been rereading the last newsletter 1 and a couple of things stick out. You wrote,

“George ended the quote above by asking how a tube worm could give rise to a pterodactyl. That’s a good question, for which evolutionists don’t really have an answer. They make the excuse that they haven’t had several hundred million years to observe how it happened—but that doesn’t prove it did happen. It only proves they believe something that cannot, by their own admission, be observed. If it has never been observed, it isn’t scientific.”

That’s the perfect example of their philosophical problem. I think that is an area we don’t point out nearly enough, because it shows bias. I’d like to ask George “HOW he knew” that it takes several hundred million years to observe how it happened? Or better yet “HOW” he could KNOW… anything? Does George believe in… or know… induction exists? Why does he BELIEVE the future will be like the past?

We do frequently point out that when a belief lacks observational or experimental verification, it is philosophy, not science. What we have failed to point out is that the Teaching Company offers this course 2 that would be very helpful for evolutionists!

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1 Disclosure, October 2019, “Extinction and Speciation”