Email - August 2021
by Do-While Jones


Don’t comment on something you have not read.

We use Facebook to direct people to our website. We appreciate all the likes and shares the Science Against Evolution Facebook page generates, but have been disappointed in the comments. As I write this, there were 47 comments about the July newsletter—but there is nothing to indicate that any of the Facebook comments, pro or con, were written by people who had read the July newsletter. The comments all claimed evolution is true, or evolution is false, or people on the other side are stupid, without a single fact to back up their claims. There was not one word about what we had written in the newsletter. In this month’s feature article, we told you about four articles regarding the Nesher Ramla Homo, and what we thought about what those authors said. It is the approach we have taken for 25 years. We discuss specific aspects of the theory of evolution. We have received countless emails over those 25 years; but not one of those emails has ever identified anything we have written which was factually wrong. If you want to comment on our newsletter, please read it first. Don’t be afraid to read what we have written. You might be amazed to learn the truth. Science is against evolution.

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