Email - March 2021
by Do-While Jones

Tradition Versus Fashion

The Evolution of Disclosure

Billy Bob wrote,


Your science again' evolution suffers from some goofy ungainly unsightly fonts (Times Roman???), formatting (80 kinds???), colors (flesh colored background??, fuchsia fonts???? chartreuse fonts???), schemas (many, varied) and arrangements (chaos). Luckily the content is good.

Maybe your website is trying to mimic evolutionists vision of how life started on Earth - random, without patterns or style, mixed, varied, all over the place, etc. If so, you hit the mark! It's like "Welcome to the Internet, 1989!!"

However "Web Site" and "Web Sites" is unforgivable. Especially considering I am reading those offenses on a "website".

(I know you are unpretentious... but I gotta share your website... err.. web site.. with friends)

Billy Bob

Vintage Internet

Actually, it is "Welcome to the Internet, 1996."

In 1996, website was spelled “web site.”  We spell it as one word inside the text, but have kept the title "Web Site of the Month" for consistency and tradition.

The other issues Billy Bob raises have to do with accessibility, and substance rather than style. We don’t think our readers are so shallow and superficial that they confuse flashy gimmicks (which might not be compatible with some browsers) for content.

Our web pages don't specify the fonts because your computer might not have the specified fonts, and might render the text unintelligibly.  We let your browser use its default fonts.  If you don't like the fonts, change your browser defaults.  There are only four formats: <P>, <H1>, <H2>, and <H3>.  They are designed to print well on a black-and-white printer on an old Windows 3 computer, which some public schools might still be using.

There are some websites (including this month’s Web Site of the Month) which will not load on the Chrome browser my XP computer uses. We want everyone to be able to read and print the articles, no matter how old their computer is. I believe that all our HTML pages will display correctly on any browser on any device, and hope that the PDF files do, too. It wasn’t that long ago when I was in Russia, and my only Internet access was a dial-up modem. I just gave up waiting for some pages to load; but the Science Against Evolution pages came up instantly because they don’t use any special styles, Java scripts, or unnecessary graphics.

The beige background on the HTML pages is easy on the eyes, and allows the quotes to stand out.

There are currently more than 700 articles on our website. If we changed style now, it would take too long to change them all to look modern. Tradition results in consistency.

Tradition is also the reason why the Web Site of the Month is formatted as one column instead of two. The first 6-page newsletters were three double sided sheets, folded and stapled, with the mailing information on the bottom half. We gave Helen one half page to write her review. Now we generously give Lothar the entire last page of the newsletter, but keep the single-column format.

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