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Hail and Farewell

Since Volume 1, Issue 1, Helen Belisle has written our "Web Site of the Month" column. As you can probably imagine, it takes a considerable amount of time searching the web to find interesting sites dealing with creation or evolution. After writing 20 columns, however, she felt like she had searched enough. We appreciate all her hard work and thank her for nearly two years of faithful service.

In this issue (Volume 2, Issue 11), Lothar Janetzko continues her tradition. We look forward to whatever Lothar finds in the coming months.

This is a good time to state our editorial policy. In our feature article, and all our other sections except the Web Site of the Month, we state our position on a particular aspect of the theory of evolution.

The Web Site of the Month presents other people's positions. Sometimes these positions agree exactly with ours. Sometimes, they disagree entirely with ours. We aren't afraid to present other views because we believe that the more you study about evolution, the more you will agree that it is a theory whose time has passed.

For example, in this month's column Lothar reviews an Old-Earth Theistic-Evolution site. It is not a position we advocate, but it presents their view very well. We want you to know what theistic evolutionists believe, straight from their own lips, so you can make an informed decision.

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