Calendar - April 1998

1998 International Conference on Creationism (ICC)

The International Conference on Creationism (ICC) brings together the world's top creationists for a technical conference. Its intention is to provide something for everyone, from entry level presentations on various topics in creation science to a highly technical, peer reviewed symposium, with planned rebuttals and discussions.

The Conference theme is Developing and Systematizing the Creation Model of Origins. More than 100 papers were submitted, falling into the following major areas:

The Technical Symposium provides a unique opportunity for authors and attendees to dialog on areas of research and concern. Many of the world's leading creation researchers will be participating, so you won't want to miss this Symposium.

Symposium participants include authors from all over the world:

The 1998 ICC will be held at Geneva College, (near the Pittsburgh International Airport), from Monday, August 3 through Saturday, August 8. Registration begins on Sunday, August 2. Pre-registration for the technical symposium is $250 before June 1; after June 1 the registration is $270. For more information, see

Creation Science Fellowship, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a non-profit educational organization. You can reach them at:
P.O. Box 99303
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-4303.
(412) 341-4908.


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