Calendar - August 1999

5th Annual Community Dinner

The 5th Annual Community Dinner will be held at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, September 18th, from 1 pm - 8 pm to benefit local non-profit organizations, including Science Against Evolution. There will be food, entertainment, and each organization will have a display booth.

At our booth we will be showing some of the dinosaur fossils we dug up in Montana this summer during a research expedition sponsored by Montana State University Northern. The primary purpose of the expedition was to excavate some remarkably preserved Hadrosaur eggs. They wouldn’t let us keep the egg we dug out, but we can tell you about it. Please make it a point to stop by and talk to us about the other things we discovered there, too.

Everybody gets a good deal! When you buy a $10 ticket to the dinner, you not only get dinner (tri-tip, garlic bread, cole slaw, beans, and a beverage), you also get coupons redeemable at Hamburger Stand, Ridgecrest Cinemas, Blimpe, Nicoletti’s, Classy Cookie, and Mediacom totaling more than $24. If you buy the tickets from Science Against Evolution, nine dollars of each ticket sold goes to Science Against Evolution.

Please plan to buy your tickets at the Fourth Friday Free Film, or call 375-3089 to have tickets delivered to you.

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