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Successful End of the Bulk Mailing Campaign

It was our goal that everyone in Ridgecrest should be told, at least once, that there are serious scientific objections to the theory of evolution.

One way we tried to achieve that goal was to send one free copy of our newsletter to everyone in Ridgecrest. So, in September, 1996, we bought a set of mailing labels from a company that produces such things. We made about 200 extra copies of our newsletter each month, and sent them unsolicited to 200 people using those labels.

We ran out of labels two months ago. For the last two months (and this month) we generated labels for 200 post office boxes. Now, we have sent a copy of Disclosure to nearly every post office box in Ridgecrest. We have accomplished our goal.

Our bulk mailing permit expires on October 7. The cost to renew it is up to $100 per year, and the cost to send each piece has gone up, too. So, starting next month, we will be sending newsletters first class to members only.

We still encourage you to make copies and give them to your friends. Of course, we still encourage you to join Science Against Evolution and support us with a $15 annual donation.

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