Calendar - August 2000

6th Annual Community Dinner

The 6th Annual Community Dinner will be held at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, September 23rd, from 1 PM - 8 PM. It benefits local non-profit organizations, including Science Against Evolution. There will be food, entertainment, and each organization will have a display booth.

The theme of our booth this year is “Stone Age Mutant Mammal Turtles”. We will be displaying some of the changes that had to have taken place for dinosaurs to evolve into birds, and reptiles (not turtles) to evolve into mammals.

Everybody gets a good deal! When you buy a $10 ticket ($5 for kids under 12), you not only get dinner (tri-tip, garlic bread, cole slaw, beans, and a beverage), you also get coupons redeemable at A & L Tire, Tastee Freeze, Hamburger Stand, Ridgecrest Cinemas, Blimpe, Nicoletti’s, Classy Cookie, and Mediacom, totaling more than $34. If you buy the tickets from Science Against Evolution, all but one dollar for each ticket sold goes to Science Against Evolution.

Please plan to buy your tickets at the Fourth Friday Free Film, or call 375-3089 to have tickets delivered to you.

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