Calendar - August 2001

Parent of the Apes

Partly because of the current enthusiasm for the movie “Planet of the Apes” (part of which was filmed here and employed many Ridgecrest residents as extras), and partly because of the recent discoveries of alleged “missing links” which even appeared on the cover of Time magazine, we have selected “Parent of the Apes” as our theme for both our booth at the Community Dinner on September 22 and the feature article in the September newsletter. We hope you will attend the dinner, bring some friends, visit the booth, and (of course) purchase your tickets from us. Community Dinner ticket sales allow us to keep our annual membership dues to $15 per year. (Call 375-3089 and ask us to bring the tickets to your home.)

The Friday night following the Community Dinner is a Fourth Friday, so we will be back at our usual place (the Library) at the usual time (7:30 PM) to show “The Origin of Man” featuring Duane Gish.

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