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This Bonus Double Issue

Those of you who get the paper copy of this newsletter have probably noticed the extra postage resulting from the fact that this “six page newsletter” ran twelve pages this month. Those of you who read the newsletter on the Internet may have noticed that the articles this month were longer than usual. In effect, you have gotten a double issue this month. So, we could take next month off, and you wouldn’t be cheated at all.

It is tempting to take next month off. That would give us a much needed break. Unfortunately, that would not help solve our serious backlog problem. The File Folder of Pending Articles has become the Cowboy Boot Box of Pending Articles because all the clippings and half-written articles about those clippings won’t fit in a file folder any more. Despite giving you a double issue this month, we are farther behind than ever.

This month we didn’t have room (or time) to finish our response to Claudio about Orgel and Eigen. We certainly aren’t trying to avoid talking about Manfred Eigen’s Glass Bead Games. We promise to get to that next month.

Of course, the big news in the evolutionary community this month was Kenyanthropus. There’s lots we need to say about our “newest oldest ancestor,” so we really have to make that the subject of next month’s Evolution in the News.

The free flow of information on the Internet really has the evolutionists worried. Now they are trying to prevent criticism of their ideas by treating the theory of evolution as “intellectual property” and using copyright laws to prevent us from telling you what the evolutionists are saying. We hope to get to that next month, but we can’t promise it.

We also want to talk about sex (that should increase our web page hits dramatically), and astronomy, and lots of other stuff. Since we never know what is going to appear in the news magazines or scientific journals, or what interesting e-mail questions we will get, we hesitate to tell you what will be in issues more than a month from now.

Our newsletter is driven by current events. We are sincerely hoping for a slow news month so we can catch up on some things from past months before they get too stale! We can’t be specific, but we can promise that there is lots more good stuff coming in the months ahead. Be sure you keep your membership up to date so you don’t miss a single newsletter.

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