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For the past seven years, Science Against Evolution has been meeting at the Ridgecrest public library on the fourth Friday of every month. Now, starting in February, 2004, we will meet on the fourth Tuesday. Why? Because we can!

Friday is certainly not the ideal meeting night. We started meeting on Friday nights because it was the only night that the library was available. It was the only night available because all the better nights were taken. Friday is a particularly bad night to meet in Ridgecrest because half of the fourth Fridays fall on “flex Friday,” when many people are off work and leave town.

But now, the group that formerly met in the library on the fourth Tuesday night no longer meets there. After consulting with the members who had been coming on Fridays, and learning that they had no objection to meeting on Tuesdays, we jumped at the opportunity to change nights.

We will continue to start promptly at 7:30 PM, but since the library is open on Tuesday nights, we won’t have to use the back door. We will still show one-hour science videos, although it doesn’t make sense to call them “Fourth Friday Free Films” anymore.

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