Evolution in the News - February 2004
by Do-While Jones

Grand Canyon Controversy

Creationists believe that the Grand Canyon was eroded rapidly when the waters of Noah’s flood drained off of North America. Historically, evolutionary geologists have believed that the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon gradually over millions of years. But the evidence for rapid erosion is so compelling that some secular geologists are accepting the rapid erosion of the Grand Canyon, as we reported in our October 2000 Evolution in the News column titled “Grand Canyon Breakthrough.” This change in geological interpretation was on the cover of the September 30, 2000, issue of Science News, which showed a picture of the Grand Canyon, with the bold caption, “Erosion, Vast and Fast.” According to the story’s subtitle, “Carving this beloved hole in the ground may not have been such a long-term project.”

Our column of three years ago pointed out that creationists have led the way, doing important research showing that the traditional interpretation of millions of years is inconsistent with geologic observations. At this month’s meeting we will be showing a video of Dr. Steve Austin’s reporting on work that the Park Service asked him to do.

Despite the continually increasing evidence for rapid erosion of the Grand Canyon, park rangers still tell the millions-of-years myth as if it were scientific fact. But that isn’t good enough for evolutionists. They want to censor any evidence that is contrary to their cherished myth. This became evident last month when evolutionists tried to get Grand Canyon: Another View banned from the Grand Canyon bookstore.

Last month, the heads of seven national geological organizations sent a letter to Joseph Alston, superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park, expressing concern that visitors might see the sale of the book as an endorsement of a religious idea by the park and urging him to remove it from park shelves.

"The National Park Service should be extremely careful about giving the impression that it approves of the anti-science movement known as young Earth creationism or endorses the advancement of religious tenets as science," the geologists wrote. "The book aggressively attacks modern science and broadly accepted interpretations of the geologic history of the Grand Canyon. As such, any implied approval or endorsement by the NPS for the book and others like it undermines efforts to educate the public about the scientific understanding of Grand Canyon geology." 1

The book does not “aggressively attack modern science.” It promotes modern science by exposing the flaws in an old, out-dated, incorrect theory. This is part of the “self-correcting nature of science” that evolutionists love to talk about. The book does not “undermine efforts to educate the public.” It undermines efforts to brainwash the public. The book does this by presenting relevant facts that evolutionists want to keep secret. This is why they are doing everything they can to make sure you can’t buy the book.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a nonprofit advocacy group, believes the creationist book does not belong in a shop on government property.

"The park's mission is to promote science. I don't see anything in their charter that they are supposed to provide a forum for debate," PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch said. "It is a public place. People can have debates. The problem is when the government takes a side in the debate." 2

Despite what they say, they really do want the government to take a side in the debate. They want evolution, and evolution only, espoused by park rangers. They don’t want any indication that there might be some question about what the rangers say.

Because we are moving our regular meeting time from the fourth Friday to the fourth Tuesday, and because we want to encourage as many new people as possible to come to our meetings on the new night, WE ARE GOING TO GIVE AWAY ONE COPY OF THE BOOK AT OUR FEBRUARY 24th MEETING. If you don’t get the free copy we give away, and can’t make it to the Grand Canyon to buy a copy there, you can order a copy from Answers In Genesis.

Evolutionists are trying hard to censor science in the Grand Canyon book store, but don’t despair.

The park ordered dozens more books last week. 3

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